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Price Guide

Here is a detailed list of pricing and price breakdowns.

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Services & Area

Do you ever find yourself too busy to get home in time to walk or feed your pet? Are you going away on vacation and need a trusted companion for them while you’re gone so you don't worry the whole time? Regardless of your needs I’m here to take care of your beloved pet. Get in touch so we can discuss the details and I can meet your furry friend.

Map of Service Area

If Outside Service Area, If We Have Availability, There Will Be An Upcharge.

Dog Walks & Pet Visits

30 Minute walk starts at $25.
Pet Visits start at $20 an hour.

Regardless of your animal’s type, age or mannerisms, each of my services can be customized specifically for them. Our walks are consist of positive reinforcement, and mental stimulation. It's myself, your pup, and my treat pouch. After a couple weeks of behavior learning we can discuss walking with other dogs if feasible. 



Starts at $60 per night

A 12hr Shift: From dinner to breakfast your pet will become our pet. Feedings, medication, walks, attention, playtime, care, and professionalism is what i'll be packing.

Be sure to book well in advance, We are occasionally booked up to a year out some weeks.



Starts at $100 an hour; or $50 for a 30 minute Consult. Other Options Available.

Lindsay is the Head of Coaching:


We've been working with dogs for over 12 years. Both Starting at a dog daycare & Kennel evolving over time to get where we are today with Gary's Animal Kare. We are very good at reading animal body language & are great at explaining to owners. We are patient & very understanding with animals. We believe there is always a reason leading to the behavior so it's just a matter of figuring it out. We learned a lot from Andrew at All Together Better. We are learning more everyday... I recommend "The other end of the leash" on Audible!

Services: Services
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