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Meet The Team

Meet The Team: Testimonials

Gary Klose  (Owner)

I absolutely love dogs! I understand them and treat every dog like family. I'm very dependable, dedicated, and extremely patient. I have worked at the Pittsburgh Zoo for  over 13 years and at a dog kennel/daycare for another 5. I Shadowed Andrew, Owner & Trainer, of All Together Better for 2 months before walking my first dog solo. I am well versed in dog behavior and body language. We are ALL Positive with our care. You and your pup will not be disappointed!

Madelyn Noonan

Hi, I’m Madelyn! I’m a barista by day and pet sitter by night. I grew up in a household that cherished our pets and took care of them like family and I will always assure that yours do too! I have experience with dogs, cats, bunnies, lizards, and more. My dream is to open up an animal sanctuary and provide a place for animals to feel loved, safe, and at home.


Dan Kavanaugh

Dan loves Dogs & Animals in general. He is a vet tech and former Pittsburgh Zoo employee. He has been working with Gary's Animal Kare & Steel City Pack Leader for over 4 years now. He always goes above and beyond while caring for your pets.

Noah DiAnna (Coming Soon)

Lindsay Connor (Coming Soon)


Kearsie Dougherty

Kearsie has always loved dogs; she's had experience with them her entire life. She's volunteered at The Humane Animal rescue for 2 years walking shelter dogs. She has a lot of experience with dog behavior and handling, and is now going to school to be a vet tech. Her experience and knowledge is increasingly by the day.

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